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Old 11th January 2022, 05:07 PM
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avex to release Inuyasha Best Album

犬夜叉 BEST ALBUM 主題歌集 (Inuyasha BEST ALBUM Shudai Kashuu)

Featuring many avex stars including ayumi hamasaki, Namie Amuro, AAA, BoA, Do As Infinity, Every Little Thing, Aikawa Nanase, hitomi, Shimatani Hitomi, alan, dream, Takezawa Ai.

01. Fukai Mori (Do As Infinity)
02. I am (hitomi)
03. ANGELUS -ANGELUS- (Shimatani Hitomi)
04. Grip! (Every Little Thing)
05. ITAZURA na KISS (day after tomorrow)
06. With you (AAA)
07. Come (Namie Amuro)
08. My will (dream)
09. Shinjitsu no Uta (Do As Infinity)
10. Kimi ga Inai Mirai (Do As Infinity)
11. Tooi michi no saki de (Takezawa Ai)
12. Owarinai Yume (Aikawa Nanase)
13. Diamond (alan)
14. Every Heart -MINNA NO KIMOCHI- (BoA)
15. Dearest - ayumi hamasaki


Tower Records:

Apple Music:

I'm specially fond to this album because I discovered ayu, BoA and DAI through this series soundtrack
Concerts I've attended:
[2020] E-girls, Happiness, SYY & Girlsē at E-girls XX PERFECT LIVE 2011▶︎2020 (Mie, Japan)
[2020] ayumi hamasaki at TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A -Saigo no Trouble- (Saitama, Japan)
[2020] Aikawa Nanase at LIVE TOUR 2020 forbidden (Tokyo, Japan)
[2020] AI at Concert 2020 Baby You Can Cry (Saitama, Japan)
[2020] Ai Otsuka at aio piano vol.7 (Nagoya, Japan)
[2020] Anna Tsuchiya at Birthday Live 2020 (Osaka, Japan)
[2019] BoA, Red Velvet, YURI & HYO at SMTOWN LIVE IN SANTIAGO (Santiago, Chile)
[2017] Juice=Juice at LIVE AROUND 2017 ~World Tour~ (Santiago, Chile)
[2017] Anna Tsuchiya at Super Japan Expo (Santiago, Chile)
[2017] Do As Infinity at Anime Friends 2017 (Santiago, Chile)
[2015] Anna Tsuchiya at Super Japan Expo (Santiago, Chile)
[2012] After School & RaNia at Music Bank World Tour (Viņa del Mar, Chile)
[2011] m.o.v.e at Super Japan Expo (Santiago, Chile)
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