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Old 22nd November 2022, 10:09 PM
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I think it's performing similarly to Nonfiction. At this point, it has 44,960 plays.
https://vimeo.com/user16870996 Some live performances subbed by me
My Youtube channel - ayu and other stuff
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Old 24th November 2022, 08:35 AM
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I’m glad to aee that the songs performs well! Thank you!

Btw sharing some playlists I made in Spotify, please like them if you liked them!

A WINTER SONGS - Including the new song “Mask”!


A SUMMER SONGS Including “Summer again”!


ayumi hamasaki Essentials - All of ayu’s popular songs that known by most people. The more recent ones might not be known by a lot (even in Japan) but added them because of tie-ups/populae tie-ups that might have brought notice to these songs by some. Anyway all of the essential ayu songs that everyone knows (in Japan as well).


A ROCK BEST - Also posted here in the main thead (thanks!) but posting again for whoever missing it! Almost 5 hours of ayu’s rock/rock elemented songs!


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Old 27th November 2022, 06:46 PM
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^Thanks for sharing! Those look great

Hey everyone! it's been a long time so here comes a new update!

Number of followers: 744,378K
Total streams: 229,593,105M

MASK currently has 69K, its daily performance seems similar to Summer Again (257,312K)

NEXT LEVEL is less than 2K streams away from 1M, this would be her 50th song to hit the milestone so let's show it some love!

I also updated her TOP100 playlist on Spotify! Please give it a like if you can and share <3

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Old 27th November 2022, 08:28 PM
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MASK is really doing great. With almost a million followers...I wonder how long it will take her to reach a million followers?
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