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Old 4th September 2019, 01:16 AM
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LOVEppears / appears -20th Anniversary Edition-

LOVEppears / appears -20th Anniversary Edition-
on sale 2019.11.10

20 years after November 10, 1999.

Anniversary edition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the release of the hit album "LOVEppears" and "appears" single that was released simultaneously with 300,000 copies limit!
All the songs are remastered from the master tape, re-packaging an album and a single.
Also includes an access card to the special site where you can see the content that was released as the CD-EXTRA of DISC-2 of the album “LOVEppears”.

First press limited edition is 4CD + DVD.
4 CD contains total number of 46 tracks (planned): 2-disc album "LOVEppears", single "appears" and bonus disc with collection of all versions of "appears" song released so far. In addition to the PVs of the songs, included in the album, "Who..." live lyric video, that perviously was published only on YouTube, come on the DVD together with ayupan Trauma choreography video.

Also, the whole-body photo shocking visuals, that was a big topic at the time, will be used as the cover artwork for vertical sleeve specification!


<Limited Edition>
★ Vertical Digipack transparent sleeve specification
★ Special site access card included

01 Introduction
02 Fly high
03 Trauma
04 And Then
05 immature
06 Boys & Girls
07 TO BE
08 End roll
09 P.SII
11 too late
12 appears
13 monochrome
14 Interlude
15 LOVE ~refrain~
16 Who...

01 ayu's EURO MEGA-MIX "Y&Co. Mix"
02 ayu's HOUSE MEGA-MIX "N.S House Mix"
03 A Song for ×× "MILLENNIUM MIX" from 1st Album
04 POWDER SNOW "Acoustic Orchestra Version" from あゆ・み・っくす
05 FRIENDⅡ "MAKE MY MAD MIX" from ayu-mi-x

01 appears (99 Greeting Mix)
02 appears (Scud Filter Mix)
03 appears (Dub's Eurotech Remix)
04 WHATEVER (Ferry 'System F' Corsten dub mix)
05 appears (JP's Sound Factory Mix)
06 appears (HΛL's Mix)
07 immature (D-Z DUAL LUCIFER MIX)
08 WHATEVER (Ferry 'System F' Corsten vocal extended mix)
09 appears (Keith Litman's Mix of Truth)
10 immature (JT Original CM Version)
11 appears (99 Greeting Mix -Instrumental-)
12 immature (JT Original CM Version -Instrumental-)

01 appears (HΛL's Progress)
02 appears (Acoustic version)
03 appears (Armin van Buuren's remix)
04 appears (Junior's Appears On The Air)
05 appears (HW Club Mix)
06 appears (DJ-TURBO remix)
07 appears (Junior's Club Mix)
08 appears (HW Tokyo Hard House Mix)
09 appears (Armin van Buuren's Sunset Dub)
10 appears (Aggressive Extended Mix)
11 appears (Melodic Extended Mix)
12 appears (Shinichi Osawa remix)
13 appears (Inst melo version)

01 Fly high
02 Boys & Girls
03 TO BE
05 appears
06 kanariya
07 LOVE ~Destiny~
08 Who... (Live Lyric Video)
09 Trauma (ayupan choreography video)


<Normal Edition>
★ Special site access card included

CD 1-3 is the same

※Preorder start from 4th September 11:00.
※Products will start selling from 7th November

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