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Old 24th April 2010, 09:36 AM
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New AHS Cafepress Shop, "AHS Cafe," Opening

This summer AHS will be opening a shop at CafePress named "AHS Cafe" to offer products featuring an official AHS logo to our members. To determine this logo, AHS is holding a contest in which any and every member is welcome to participate. The rules, guidelines, and requirements can be found in the AHS Logo Contest thread. The official AHS logo and its creator will be announced and recognized when the contest ends.

Buying any AHS merchandise is not in any way a requirement of being a member, and not buying any products will not cause detriment to your status as a valued member nor is it a poor representation of your status. It is simply an offer to our members should they want something of their own to represent their involvement in or love of our international community forum for our beloved Ayumi Hamasaki.

Products offered will include (exact product selection may change or differ depending on limited availability of products and selection) stickers, pins, shirts, mugs, and bags among various other products. AHS is offering these products at NO MARKUP, meaning AHS is not charging extra for items in order to make a profit. Simply put, what this means is that AHS is not making any money doing this. The prices of the items are the standard base prices determined by CafePress used to make and ship the products. AHS has decided to make this shop non-profit chiefly due to a predictably inconsistent flow of earnings. While the staff expects a generally high number of purchases made during the store’s first few weeks, the profit made thereafter would not be enough to support any big purchases towards the forum (i.e. a new server). The staff is also currently unable to manage the income generated from the shop. This may change in the future depending.

The official website for the AHS CafePress Shop will be posted when it is complete and able to be opened. Input and opinions are always very welcomed by AHS staff in the meantime.

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Old 26th April 2010, 05:17 AM
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WOW!! I'll buy the shirts and stickers for sure!


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Old 28th April 2010, 05:23 AM
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i think its a great idea to support AHS . i m really exited about it . i can't wait for AHS cafe

if you live in california check

come join the fun look with my jpop on facebook!/pages/MY-...953715?ref=ts/
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Old 9th September 2010, 04:54 AM
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Cool beans. Count me in.

Thank you, Mirrorcle Heaven*

**~Idororu Rabu~**

Koharu Kusumi Tomomi Itano Karin Miyamoto
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