AHS Remix Contest 2015 - Winner - Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai
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Old 26th June 2015, 03:22 AM
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AHS Remix Contest 2015 - Winner

The winner of the AHS Remix Contest 2015 is...

Entry 04 - Dearest (U-GO-BOY Remix)
remixed by U-GO-BOY


Thanks to all of our amazing AHS remixers for yet another exciting competition!

Thanks to all AHS members who listened to the remixes and voted in the contest polls.

Special thanks to those who made and shared vocal tracks.


Entry 01: Surreal17
Moments (Whirlwind of Petals - Silence MIX)

Entry 02:loicrop
Endless Sorrow -Rising Sun Remix-

Entry 03:U-GO-BOY
poker face (U-GO-BOY Remix))

Entry 04:U-GO-BOY
U-GO-BOY -Dearest (U-GO-BOY Remix)

Entry 05:OnlymE89
Merry-go-round round & round mix

Entry 06: TheRainbow
YOU (Southern Winds))

See you next year!!!!!!

All the entries have been renamed and the tags updated to credit the remixer. If you wish to download the songs again please use the following links:

Entries 01-06: Sendspace | Mega | Zippyshare

Stream: Entry 01 | Entry 02 | Entry 03 | Entry 04 | Entry 05 | Entry 06

Bonus (24 hours only): AHS Remix Contest 2004 | AHS Remix Contest 2006 | AHS Remix Contest 2007 | AHS Remix Contest 2008 | AHS Remix Contest 2009 | AHS Remix Contest 2010 | AHS Remix Contest 2011 | AHS Remix Contest 2012 | AHS Remix Contest 2013 | AHS Remix Contest 2014
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Old 26th June 2015, 08:38 AM
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Old 27th June 2015, 12:09 PM
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Thanks so much guys!

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Old 28th June 2015, 08:15 PM
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Congratulations ^___^
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Old 2nd July 2015, 11:22 PM
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Congratulatons to the winner!
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Old 3rd July 2015, 07:53 PM
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thanks guys

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Old 28th March 2016, 11:08 AM
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I'm very late this year !
U-GO-BOY, lucky you, I didn't enter this year haha (joke :-3 )
You rock, amazing remixes, you deserved this victory.
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Old 28th March 2016, 01:17 PM
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^ Please participate in AHS remix contest 2016!

EDIT : Now i've just noticed it hasn't been announced yet, will there be one?

arena tour 2016 ~M(A)DE IN JAPAN~ @ Yoyogi : 08/07 & 09/07
arena tour 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th anniversary~ @ Osaka-j hall : 21/07 & 22/07

浜崎あゆみ ~since 2009~
tumblr ; last.fm

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