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Old 24th August 2009, 04:17 AM
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wow identity you have an ability to find photos that make Ayu look good all the time. XD

The red outfit wasn't the best, but it looked cool. I actually really like the blue dress and the white-pink dress now... aww

And Ayu... TOHOSHINKI fan??? Hahaha can't wait for a post about this!


Old 24th August 2009, 04:19 AM
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now they're selling ice cream?1 O_O yum! they both look so delicious lucky japanese fans

Old 24th August 2009, 04:26 AM
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Just in case you haven't seen MissElin's photos of the goods booth and the cold delights~ (they're in the first post too):

Old 24th August 2009, 04:27 AM
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She doesn't look chubby in the new photos!!!!
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