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Old 15th June 2020, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ulfy01 View Post
The new camera angles and overall edit were FANTASTIC on the commentary. This is clearly DVD/BR stuff.

I need this version to be available for purchase.
yeah to me it's clear that the footage has all been ready for a while; they just lack the final call by ayu(? or avex?) to release them.
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Old 15th June 2020, 02:43 PM
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The uploads on youtube could have been the "perfect" moment for the concert to be available to her fans without having to bother releasing, if they thought it wouldn't sell or something.

I just wonder: why the cameras for her and the dances? Commentary of the dancers and the singer isn't a new thing, but it's usually just the audio, like an audio track for the DVD. And they were all at the same location, it's not like it was a zoom call. Anyway, the overall edit is a lot better than the concert for sure.
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Old 16th June 2020, 02:03 AM
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Probably to show facial reactions and stuff. I think they all also had tour goods to cheer along with the concerts so they wanted to show that too.
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Old 16th June 2020, 04:34 PM
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Plus there were a lot of different people here, not showing their faces would make it impossible to distinguish who’s talking.

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Old 18th June 2020, 01:20 PM
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Next tour with commentary's gonna be A Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~ The FINAL on July 20!

Same price, 1200JPY for the full 3.5 hour show. I wonder if they'll take breaks??

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Old 18th June 2020, 02:17 PM
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Were any tours with Maro in them included as options? Would be awkward for them to do commentary on the Hotel Love Songs Appears performance lol..
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Old 18th June 2020, 02:27 PM
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Basically every tour was available since concert tour 2000 minus AT18/PoM18 and then two random CDLs from the last few years were part of the poll too.

Maro was in less than half of the top 10 though. However, Ayu could have always just said no and skipped over something if it did have him like how they skipped no.2 and went to no.3 for the next commentary.

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Old 20th June 2020, 10:34 PM
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i hope she will put this version of 'kanariya' on her youtube.
the newly added slow motion of dropping the crown are way too cool!
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Old 21st June 2020, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by EndOfTheWorld View Post
I was expecting different results..
I love this concept a lot but without English subs I can't really enjoy it.
THIS! Iím not even bothering since it doesnít have it. It really ticks me off. She blogs a lot in TA in English and sheís completely aware that most of her international fans donít speak Japanese. I mean itís one thing it is as solely available/region locked in Japan, but sheís made the commentary videos available worldwide. Same with her YouTube videos. I understand itís a lot off extra work. But if non Japanese fans are paying for TA, we should have more options.
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Old 21st June 2020, 08:23 PM
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Yeah they need to hire Timmy for a sidegig to subtitle this!
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Old 23rd June 2020, 01:53 AM
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someone suggested subs for the commentary to Timmy a few days ago during his IG live. He said thats a good idea and will forward it to Ayu and the team.
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Old 27th June 2020, 02:06 PM
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Her international fandom is pretty small though, so I doubt her team will think that it's worth the effort and cost to hire a translator for videos
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