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Old 1st September 2005, 04:52 PM
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Question Ayu's lyrics meanings.. Help?

It seems not only her videos are a little obscure, some of her lyrics are too.. Care to explain these lyrics in your own terms? All lyrics are Masa's translations from the Divine Ayu website, the number one Ayu site on the NET! (AHS is the Number 1 FORUM..)

A)"Duty" from the album "Duty"

If, after simplifying it
a bit more, you think that "it"
merely connects and arranges memories,
then wouldn't everyone
already have "it?"
I want you to realize that.
1)WHAT IS "IT"? Is it a person or some kind of magical being?
2)Merely connects and rearranges memories? Wont that change a persons memories, resulting in a change of personality? Why do that?

B) "STEP you"

The gap between idealism and reality
Is so very cutting
And as we cannot cut them off, they are opening up.
oh yeah yeah yeah
1)The lyrics sounds SOOOO COOOLLL but what exactly do they mean? Especially "so very cutting" and "the gap between idealism and reality". Shouldnt it be between reality and fantasy?
2)What does she mean by "1,2,Step you"? Is it "want to step on you"? But why?

Thank you for answering these questions, even if they may seem absurd to some.. I cant sleep thinking about those, not to mention many more.. Sorry if this bothers you ARIGATO!!
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