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Old 22nd November 2017, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
I think they are asking why the song was titled "vogue" in relation to te lyrics.
This song is about Ayu's fear that one day she will be gone and forgotten as a singer. Vogue is a word that more or less means "current fashion" or "current/trend/fashion/way of acting". I think Ayu felt that she was in "vogue" but one day she would not be. So that explain why she felt that one day she would not be "vogue" anymore.
Musically "vogue" is supposed to be influenced by "Arabic pops" just like "ourselves" but with some Latin influences also.
Its important to listen to "ever free" to hear Ayu making a happy 'change of mind' to the feelings in this song. She decides that even if she does loose her "vogue" one day, she will leave it up to fate. Personally, I don't think Ayu will ever be forgotten; considering her huge sucess as an artist.
The prophecy has been fulfilled.
And finally i grasp the trilogy of Vogue-Faraway-SEASONS.
I just wish Ayu can take her time, maintain her health, and express her feelings and thought through music sincerely, when she feel she want to. Not just because of her duty.
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Old 29th March 2018, 08:25 AM
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