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Old 17th January 2016, 04:52 PM
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MC COLLECTION from limited AT2015 DVD/BD

Hello everyone! rainbow_smile was so kind to share the MC collection so I thought I could repay her by translating it. It took a bit because of holidays but now it's here! There might be some bits I couldn't understand (a few, really) and I will get back to them when I have the time to listen more carefully, but I hope that overall you get the idea of what they are saying. If anyone is up for subs, as long as you credit use this translation freely!

Saitama Super Arena (11/04/2015)
ayu: Yeah! (x5) Everyone, are you having fun?
Well so, because it has been a while since I've done an MC I'm thinking of calling someone to help me out...ZIN-san!

Ayu: We have the chorus for a song tonight…
Zin: Oh, right
A: and so I thought that it would be nice if everyone could do it...So, Zin will be the audience, try to do this while reading the atmosphere.
Z: Okay so I will do the part where they sing
A: Is it okay?
Z: Okay
A: 5,6,7...

(sung part)

Ayu: Okay okay wait a second, the melody has changed, the melody has changed...It didn't feel right at all now, did it? The melody changed, right?

(Zin's tension)

Saitama Super Arena (12/04/2015)

(sung part)
A: Hey the tension is low, the tension is low, the tension is low, the tension is SO LOW I tell you. Are you surprised?
Z: Let's raise it.
A: Yes, let's raise it. 5,6,7...

(sung part)

Z: Ayu-chan, COME ON!
A: no way, it’s not "COME ON", just shut up for once!!

Sundome Fukui (18/04/2015)

A: Okay I’ll start.
Z: (starts to sing and then stops abruptly)
A: Are you okay? What happened?
Z: No it's that I had to sneeze, and I was wondering whether it was actually coming out now or…well that was hard.
A: Actually we did [...] I thought it was actually high/expensive, right, in Saitama.
Z: We can start, right?
A: We can.
Z: Yeah.
A: Eh? Why do you have my same throat spray? (...)
Z: Because I borrowed it from ayu-chan's drugstore!

Sundome Fukui (19/04/2015)

A: Well, isn't everyone REALLY hyped up tonight though?
Z: yeah, really!
A: [...]

A: Is it opening? Is it opening? Oh you can see the sky!!
Z: Yeah, you can see the sky now, you can see it! Somehow, this looks like a crescent moon. Can everyone see it with this kind of feeling now?

A: (starts to sing MOON)
Since you said crescent moon...
Z: She sang it because I said it! Right, everyone? You should really be grateful for this.

Osaka Jo Hall (25/04/2015) -The start of the legend of GAZUEMON-
A: Because it's been a while since we've been here in Osaka Jo Hall... Can I just get someone here to replace me, there must definitely be someone in standby now, right? Like, I really have no idea what to say here today! Suu-san, Kyanzu, COME ON!!
Z: Please look, look at Suu-san's face now!
S: Nooo...
Z: Seriously?!
A: Yeah come quickly, come quickly.
Now, count a sec.
K: 5,6,7,8… (what?!)
Z: You're already going with that kind of explanation?!
Everyone: Is she starting already?!
S: [...]

A: Wait!!!
Z: Right now, didn't Kazuma sound like Doraemon?!
A: right, where did that voice come from?!

Osaka Jo Hall (26/04/2015)

Z: SUKE3 come onn!
A: That worried face!!! Please say a word for our guests here in Osaka. He is so stiff...
S: Yeah. I'm performer SUKE3, please treat me well.
A: That’s all? That’s all? Well then, should we sing already? Okay, since you've been coming out alone there's no other way to do this: you have to do both my part and zin's one, okay?
S3: Can I practice this once before?
A: Yeah.
Z: Practice?

(he starts practicing)

A: Noo, it’s fine, you don’t have to move to and fro!!

(sung part)

Z: Okay so it ended with you being interrupted.
S: Wait...
A: I really didn't want to see this...
S: That was really good.
A: No, it was not!

Marinmesse Fukuoka (02/05/2015)

Z: Oh, they’re here, they’re here!!
A: Yay! Okay, so now a word from Lico-chan to everyone in Fukuoka... and from Ko as well.
L: Fukuoka! I really love you!!! (In Fukuoka dialect)
K: Fukuoka! I really love you!!! (In Fukuoka dialect)
A: Wait! Your face! Plus, the tension was all wrong. Saying "I really love you" with that face!

(sung part)
Z: I'm taking my microphone back.
A: YOU!!!
Z: It felt like Doraemon!! You really put a lot of emphasis on it.
A: "YEAH YEAH" (imitating him) Like this!
Plus, you kinda mumbled the second part didn't you?
K: I did!!
K: Please don't call me out here anymore...

Marinmesse Fukuoka (03/05/2015)

A: Zin, [...] is very cute isn't it? So because I like that "kawaii" feeling, .....
that ‘to’ sound is very cute, so I decided to use it as well. As in “Tottou to”? (Fukuoka dialect meaning ‘did you take this?’)

A: Tottou to? (Fukuoka dialect)
Z: Tottou to! (Fukuoka dialect)

Z: That’s really cute, using the ‘to’ sound.
A: Let's try to use ‘to’ gradually more from now on, everyone!

(sung part)

Z: Chikappa ('very' in Fukuoka dialect) YEAH YEAH!
A: yeah yeah...uhm... Chikappa yeah yeah???
Z: No no... I said WOW WOW YEAH YEAH...
A: Ah did you. Ah. Okay then, let's go one more time.

(they sing again)

A: okay okay okay....eh!? wait a second.
Z: that was really hard (to make the 'to' sound fit in with the music)

Sekisui heim Super Arena (09/05/2015)

(they sing)
Z: 2YAN somehow...
A: 2YAN was…
Z: It's YOU. (pointing at Ko)
A: (imitates Ko)
Z: Did you come from the 20th century?!
A: Why?! why do you sound like Doraemon?!

Sekisui heim Super Arena (10/05/2015)

K: Are you hyped up?!
A: the way you hold the microphone is FLASHY!
K: (holds the microphone)
A: The microphone's angle is strange.

(sung part)

K: the way he followed by ear was AWESOME!!

Nippon Gaishi Hall (16/05/2015)

A: The big star born in Nagoya!! Please say something to everyone!
K: Nagoya are you hyped up?? (Nagoya dialect)
Z: That’s all??

(sung part)

A: Okayyy okayyy okayyy okayyy okayyy....
K: uh?!
Z: [...]?
A: As always, you're leaning like this right.
K: I have to find the right position, I thought maybe I could adjust the level of my voice like this?
A: Ah, you think that maybe someday you will find it.
Z: Thinking about which one is the right one.
K: I haven't found it, have I.

Nippon Gaishi Hall (17/05/2015)
A: Today everyone in Nagoya is so cheerful, and somehow, even though it's been a while, you've been welcoming us with unchanging hype, so we feel very grateful. Today, I want to sing just a little for someone who is very special to me, and for everyone’s special person, so please listen.

<< Why is living painful?
Why is living happy?
Ah, what I can do for you now
is wiping these tears and putting on a smile>>

Kobe World Hall (23/05/2015)

K: Uis!
A: I told you that sounds strange!!!
Z: Can I do it as well? Uis. It's strange right? Why did I get this reaction even though I've done the same thing he did?!
A: Suu-san do you want to do it as well?
Sub: Uis.
A: This is some kind of character isn't it?! Can I do it as well?
Z: Oh please do, ayu-chan.
A: Uissu.
Z: Well we can't win against this one.
everyone: yeah we can't win.
A: He pisses me off, what's with his face!
Z: He looks like Robert de Niro

Kobe World Hall (24/05/2015)

Z&A: what? what? what happened?! what happened?
A: He's soo flashy!!! Why does he look that flashy from just putting on a pair of sunglasses!?
Audience: handsomeeee!!
A: the way he holds the microphone is awesome isn't it!!
T: Everyone in Kobe, are you hyped up?!
A: Tomoki still has that kind of 'all smiles' flashiness... Kyanzu is a 'pissed off' kind of flashiness.
Z: At the front, at the front, at the front!
A: What!! Idiot!! what are you doing?
Z: These two have a flashy feeling to them.
A: FLASHYY! Flashy little brother and flashy big brother.

(sung part)

Z: Okayy he eventually came out, Doraemon.
A: All of a sudden, it was a pity.
K: The sunglasses are useless now...

Ecopa Arena (30/05/2015)
Z: Eh?!
K: Good morning.
Z: Eh? Somehow he looks different today...
K: Good morning!!
A: He's becoming sports-oriented.
K: SIT!!!
Z: he finally got rid of the flashy feeling.
A: he finally did it, right, he became fresh.
K: Yes.
Z: Okay, so please can you just greet everyone?
K: Good morning!!
A: what an idiot!! what was that, what was that?!
A: His little brother as well?
Z: His little brother as well? what kind of feeling will his little brother's greetings give out?
T: Hello!!
A: He's becoming a lot (?)
Z: If you become this serious, it's hard to play around with you...
A: It's not funny...
T: I think I screwed up!

(sung part)

Z: Okay okay okayyy. For a second your voice was really high so I thought it was actually going to come out right.
A: yeah! right!! The first part only!
Z: While I was thinking the first part was really good there it came out...
A: WOW WOW YEAH YEAH (imitating Ko)
Z: The volume of your voice is really going up though!
A: But he can't say anything else apart from WOW WOW! If he goes YEAH YEAH it definitely comes out as YEAH YEAH (imitation). Why…
Z: Like Doraemon when he says "It's still not good!!"
A: (imitating doraemon) "Bring me as well!!!"
Z: Today it's coming out a lot, AYUEMON!! Today's live is rare in many ways!!

Ecopa Arena (31/05/2015)
A: Since this is the final district, you see, it's fine if you're carefree.
Z: Isn't it okay if he does it like this?
A: What if he stopped doing it towards up and tried doing it from up to down?
K: Fine fine.

(sung part)

A: What was that...wow wow yeah yeah
Z: It sounded like an antenna...

Yoyogi National First Gymnasium (06/06/2015)

A: What are you doing?!
K: Eh? I don't have any t-shirts.
A: Aren't you an idiot! You just want to show off!
K: I don't have any t-shirts.
A: You just want to show your abs!! He just wanted to show his abs!!!


(sung part)
A: what happened, what happened, what happened?! Wait, wait, I don't get it, I don't get it. What, what, what? Eh?
Z: That was awesome.
K: My voice volume was incredible!
A: It wasn't, you don't have that voice volume. It was just voiceless, right?

Yoyogi National First Gymnasium (07/06/2015)

A: Shall we call him....? Well then let's call him all together!! KO! KO! KO! KO
Ahh there he is! Come, come!!! What? Impossible, you say? That can’t be! KO!
Come a second! He whispered into my hear "I REALLY CAN'T!!"
I got it that you can't, I got it, just greet them! Just greet them! You don't have to sing! What? What?! He's rattling!! It's fine you can do it between us, will you greet them?
Z: At least that...
K: Hello.
Z: His voice somehow didn't sound like that of a man!
A: Let's call someone else as well, the three of us is too close!!
Z: Shall we call someone who is mature?
Z: Kyanzu! Come on!!
A: Kyanzu, please save Ko-chan!
Z: Kyanzu? Where is he? Kyanzu? Come on!!
A: Kyanzuuu? Hey, come!!
K: Kyanzu where are you? Where is Kyanzu?
Technical Staff Member Poo-san: Kazuma, where are you? where are you, Kazuma?
K: Kazuma, where are you??
A: What are you doing today!!
K: Where is Kazuma??
A: What are you doing!!!

(sign = he's doing as he likes!)
A: You actually thought that I was going to call you!
Z: You were totally in stand-by there, right!
K: In the end, I was ready!
A: What’s he doing???
Z: You have to come here quickly to rescue Ko-chan.
A: From where is he going to come up here?

(sign - entrance with the POP UP!!)
K: ‘from where is he going to come up here??’ (imitating ayu)
A: You just wanted to use the pop up!!
K: Uiss.
A: He really pisses you off, right?! He does this as a greeting. He really gets on your nerves, doesn’t he.
Z: Ko-chan, you try and do it as well?
A: Ko-chan! Ko-chan! You've been standing here for quite a while now!! You can do this, you can do this! (sign – desperate)
Z: It hurts, it hurts!
A: Ko-chan! Just say Uissu, just uissu! You can say it... you can say it... you can, you can, I'm telling you, you can say it!!
Z: It will be fine if you just say this, don't worry!
AH!!! He ran away, he ran away!!! This is an unheard-of accident!!!

Kobe World Hall (27/06/2015)

T: Everyone in Kobe!!! Are you hyped up??
Z: amazing!!!!!
A: Woah!! [...]

(sign - for real?!)
K: Everyone in Kobe....Uissu.
A: It's fine, it's fine...
Z: He really came back whole-heartedly.
A: They haven't noticed, they haven't noticed, it's fine, it's fine.
I was actually wondering if you were going for it.
K: If I did, I’d die, really!
Z: You thought it was better to come back.

(sung part)

A: Okay, okay thank you Doraemon!! "See you next week!!" (Doraemon imitation)


L: Don’t you always say YEAH YEAH?
A: yeah, yeah, yeah.
L: To the audience? So, don’t you say things like ZIN?
A: Lico, you want to do that?
L: Yes, please excuse me.
Audience: Cute!!!!!!
L: Iya.... iya... everyone has to say it too!
Z: But you see, you haven't told them whether you wanted them to say it or not...
L: No, no!! See, when you say YEAH they just answer with yeah!!
Z: Ah but if you wanted them to say it…
L: Yes! Yes!!
Z: Okay then... let's do this once again, chorus & response?
A: Everyone, do your best!! It's the final! Do your best!!
L: I really wanted to do this!
A: Well, this is so you. Somehow, everything instantly became "Lico-chan's colored
", right.
Z: It was nice.
A: It was nice. That was, somehow... Doraemon...eh? What are you doing? Eh!? You can do that? No way!!
Z: Seriously?!
A: For real!? That must be a lie!! Really!? He was so handsome, what's with that. Eh? Were you really playing right now?
K: I was!
A: Eh? Wasn’t he really handsome?
Z: I will definitely practice this too…I will definitely practice that as well.
A: Just try to do a little challenge. Well...just try to do it once! See!! see!! There exists a toy which looks identical!

Yokohama Arena (04/07/2015)

A: Since you never have the chance to hear their normal voice...that of the members of the band for example…Mittaka-san, come on!!
Z: Bass, Mittaka-san!
A: Yes, he's new! Yes. He joined us as bassist. Saito Mittaka-san.
M: I play the bass. I'm Saito Mittaka.
A: Mittaka-san, your voice is REALLY low.
Z: He came on with this AAAAH feeling and then he's like "I’m Mittaka". He was really cute uh! Isn't this a gap?
A: How fascinating, a gap, right.

A: Ready, Go... Yo-chan! Ah, he came!
Z: He came!
A: Yoshio-kun where are you going? Ah you wanted to go there.

A: Yo-chan everyone was waiting for you..
Y: Don't call me all of a sudden please...
A: no no, your voice isn't that low is it.
Y: Yeah!
Men, Yeah!
Women, Yeah!
Kids, Yeah!
A: So cute!! Do the kids one once more!!
Y: Kids, yeah!!
Adults, Yeah!!
Authorised people yeah!!

A: Do your best, you adults!!
Z: This is awesome!

(sung part)

A: Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me...
Hey, the two of you, adults, hey. Hey hey hey. Wait a sec please.
Y: This is too high. I don't get how Zin sensei pushes his voice out.
A: Well Zin san's voice is high, isn't it
Y: Yeah it is.
A: Why are you taking that "you see" kind of attitude?


A: I'll go with my own part, zin-san will do everyone's part, so please listen! Let's go…

(sung part)

Z: OH! urutora yay yay!!
A: Okay okay... uhm...
Z: awesome! It felt as if right now this was MY live...
A: But it wasn't, it wasn’t, must be your imagination.

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Thanks for that ;-) Initially i thought it's news about new release only with MCs xD
Some live performances subbed by me https://vimeo.com/user16870996
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Thank you so much! Will read it after the exams, but I'm so happy that you translated it ^^
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Thank you so much for your translation!
Hope someone will make subs for the video ^_^
Please click my pokemon if you have time ^-^

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Thank you!
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LOL Thanks for these... these were indeed quite amusing XD
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tsumekaze_, thank you but where can i download the MC collection part ?
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Originally Posted by holy_arrow View Post
tsumekaze_, thank you but where can i download the MC collection part ?
Originally Posted by rainbow_smile View Post
I finally ripped it! Gonna upload it today/tomorrow!

Edit: Finished uploading. You may download it from here (MEGA). Tell me if there are any problems.

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thank you
she has huge talent to talk about nothing %)
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Godness, SAKURA in the MC part is so beautiful
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Thank you so much for translations ♥ I always appreciate all your efforts ;;

Set by YuriChan

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very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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You are welcome everyone! Glad that many people love her MCs!
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Thank you so much!

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