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Old Yesterday, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by SKYia View Post
I'm sad she changed outfits and hair for the final for HBYA on July 21st she looked just like in the PV and when she started singing and the video was shown behind her at first I thought they are showing her live. I really wanted to see it that way again (((
My thoughts exactly! She looked stunning on the 21st, I was really amazed by her beauty and it fitted the hbya performance so well.

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arena tour 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th anniversary~ @ Osaka-j hall : 21/07 & 22/07

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I didn't expect to see my face so often
So much memories and feelings Give my that bluray asap!
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Originally Posted by attractive nausea View Post
My thoughts exactly! She looked stunning on the 21st, I was really amazed by her beauty and it fitted the hbya performance so well.
Agreed. I was on 21st show~ I realized 21st her hair was totally different from 22nd for forgiveness and evolution
kelvin X ayu
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I love the Mad world performance it was so raw ! Great overall and strong vocal throughout the whole concert.

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So I just watched it, and I'm sorry, this was maybe one of her most boring concerts yet. Her vocals were flawless and it was all really great, but I just didn't feel it. The whole orchestral theme didn't do anything for me either.

There were a few good things though.

A Song is Born was way better than I could've expected, she did that really well. Nothing special, but she nailed the vocals. I was even very positive with Timmy in Brillante, his performance was amazing and it really added a lot to the whole thing.

And when they went back to forgiveness at the end, I was close to being in tears, it was so beautiful and such a great end to the show. And that was quite the accomplishment, since I think that song in general is one of the most boring she's ever made But she added much more power to it in this show, than the original track has.

But basically everything in between was just 'meh'. As we know that she'll be downsizing, I hope her next tour will be more in the spirit of Chapter 3, that was absolutely amazing.

Edit: Oh, and also, ever free <3 <3 <3

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Don't know if it's me, but I couldn't hear much of a big difference with the string orchestra in some of the songs (ex. B&D, B&G) Unless they fix it in the DVD/Blu-ray and turn up the sound from the orchestra. I think the orchestra played a bigger role in PoM 2011?

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Just finished watching. And finally I can take a breath, cause this left me totally BREATHLESS-SPEECHLESS - I watched it in one go.

I love just everything - flawless vocals (!!!), astonishing orchestral rearrangements, beautiful visuals, refreshing setlist. This tour turned out to be not about props, discomegadrive and pop-show entertainment, and I find it ultimately inspiring. What an unexpectedly charming, elegant and gorgeous celebration of 20 years...

And after 20 years of music creation and ultra-heavy performing (ayu's fans are the most spoiled fans in the world, no doubt) she still SLAYS. Ayu NAILED it.

It might seem stupid and childish for a 30 y.o. man (it definitely is), but during these moments I'm sooo proud to be her fan!

P.S. I need blu-r, I need flac of the live, cause every single song shall be downloaded on my music player NOW!
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Loving reading all the reviews! I hope we get a Blu-Ray release. I'd actually love a boxset of TA Tour 2016, JTB Parts 1-3 and POM 2018, thanks!
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