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Old 6th February 2014, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by truehappiness View Post
I guess some of the phrases in the lyrics sound like she's talking to a fan that has moved on from liking her or something.

These lyrics especially:

If I could have just one wish come true
I would want you to remember the days we spent together
Just once is fine

If you would grant me such a selfish wish
then after that, then after that
You can erase me from your heart for the rest of time
I agree. +1
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Old 6th February 2014, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by chocopockymaster View Post
I guess I can kind of see where you're coming from, but you have to remember that those fans helped make her what she is today. She wouldn't be anything without them.

I really like the interpretation that the lyrics are referring to her previous fans, tbh.
Yes that's very true. If we interpret it this way then it would be like "i still love you but it's fine if you've moved on because i'm very grateful to you and i wish for your happiness." I like it this way
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