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Old 22nd August 2008, 04:38 PM
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Vivi Deji Deji Diary July Vol. 93

[First page, top, next to the word "10th anniversary"]

April 8th, during the concert tour at Yoyogi National Arena, the crew members and fans gave me a very huge surprise for my 10th anniversary of my career!! It made me cry~~~ a big thank you to Mr. Kobun who had made an over 2 meters long cake for me! Thank you so so much!

[below] Hi everyone! I'm now on shinkansen, so my handwriting might be a bit messy... sorry~ Just as what I have said on last issue, this time it will be the 2nd part of me shooting the PV in Paris! It was a such a beautiful music video.... So everybody please check it out ~~~ come and have a look-----

[2nd page, right side, Rue Saint etienne du mont]

Today Simoco looks really energetic! His way of holding the script looks cool though.

[left] How would you react if someone actually wears like this walking towards you? If I were you I would just pretend as if I see nothing.

[Below left, ayu frowning] Cold! Veryyyy Coldddd! Mr. Takahashi was such a gentleman, by putting on the sholder scarf on me to keep me warm.

[middle, right]

The guy standing on my right side is Mr. Akira, who made all the costumes including this 20kg red dress.

[bottom, right]

Here comes the actress! Everyone works hard even on such a cold weather.

[bottom, left]

The guys behind me are releasing doves , some of them flew away and escaped (laughs)

[3rd page, left]

Today we are shooting night scenes. I received a bunch of flowers from two girls who represented the group of fans. Thank you very much.

[right side]

On this side, looks like I'm below a bridge, I looked up and saw a lot of my fans.... felt kind of shaky.....


I thought Simoco was tired, but look at him so serious! He sure is energetic.

[right most]

Whether it was my hair, make up or even my hands, they are all glittery, they don't call them AYU's styling crew for nothing!

[bottm left]

Finished today's shooting finally! but Simoco fell towards the front when he did one move too quick, and I.... of course never fell with him.

[4th page, top left]

Today we are shooting the MV in this beautiful little room!!


Ok-Chan and mamasan teammembers helped me checking my costumes. Mr. Takahashi also heped me adjusting it a little bit. And here we go!

[bottom, ayu posing on a red chair]

I love this part of my MV very much. It really gives me that French feeling.

[Bottom right, ayu dining]

On the last day, we had dinner altogether! Throughout the feast, different languages like Japanese, English, French and even Italian flew around the air above us. What an incredible crew we had! We of course had Simoco to give a short ending speech.... now he looks so nervous!

[Ayu waving to her fans]

Time to go back!

I didnt expect that my fans would come and send me. And the very next moment, they sang "Together When" for me with perfect Japanese! I was so touched.

Translated by Isaac Hiew
Translated on 22/AUG/2008

Translated from ViVi International Chinese Edition, July 2008

Please PM me to get my permission if you want to use the article. Don't forget to give me credit. Thank you.
Thanx to -Link- for the lovely sigs! Wrong name tho

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