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Old 3rd October 2011, 02:58 AM
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[contest] The 2011 AHS Ayumi Hamasaki Film Festival

The 2011 AHS Ayumi Hamasaki Film Festival

Carefully read the entire announcement before entering.

  1. The objective of this challenge is to create a video featuring Ayumi Hamasaki. You can do anything you want as long as the video features Ayu or an Ayumi Hamasaki song in some way. Be creative, original, and have fun!

  1. The size limit for the video file is no more than 100 MB.
  2. The video file must be no more than 5 minutes in length.
  3. Any of the main video formats is acceptable.
  4. All entries must conform to the AHS forum rules. Entries containing offensive content will not be accepted.
  5. Previously released videos are not eligible.
  6. To enter upload your video file to YSI or another hosting site and PM (private message) the links to AHS Staff. Do not send your entry to any other staff email or PM address. If you do not know how to use free hosting sites please ask for help.
  7. Entries must be as anonymous as possible. DO NOT include yourself, your name, or anything else that would identify the entry as yours.
  8. DO NOT post your entry on any sites or forums until after the contest is over.
  9. The deadline for submissions is 5:00 PM EST 03 December 2011.

  1. The entries will be judged by the AHS initiates in a poll.
  2. Each AHS member is allowed to place one vote only.
  3. The voting will begin on or about 03 December 2011.

  1. The winner will receive their choice of any Ayumi Hamasaki CD in stock at Yesasia.

Disclaimers and Rules
  1. Only one submission per person will be accepted.
  2. DO NOT use artwork created/edited by someone else to make your entry. This means that the source materials must be only official TV spots, PV, films, songs, etc. You can't just modify another person's fan art or videos.
  3. The voting should be based on the merits of the entry only, and not on the person who made it. Entrants should NOT identify their work until after the voting thread is closed. If you try to influence another person's vote by disclosing the identity of any entry you will be ineligible to vote in this contest and if the rulebreaker is a participant their entry will be disqualified. This means that you cannot tell your friends which entry is yours. This also means that you cannot post anything that would give away the creator of an entry.
  4. The winner will have to provide us with a valid shipping address when it is time to send the prize.
  5. The prize shall not be exchangeable for money/cash.
  6. The deadline for submissions is 5:00 PM EST 03 December 2011.
  7. We regret that any late entries will not be accepted.
  8. DO NOT CHEAT. The AHS staff will nullify any vote or entry that we consider suspicious for any reason.
  9. AHS staff may enter but they are not eligible to win the prize.
  10. AHS's decision shall be final and appeals shall not be entertained.

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